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10 Ways To Be Happy

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10. Get lots of sleep. There’s nothing that can pep you up better than a good night’s sleep. It makes you feel active and rejuvenated. There’s no better way to start the day! Rise and Shine!
9. Don’t be forced into something you don’t want to do or something you don’t seem to buy. Set your goals and priorities straight. Take a firm stand and make a decision; then stick to it. Remember, you’re choices make you the person you will be one day. Choose wisely.
8. Go through your old photo albums – It’s always a pleasure looking at old family photo albums and the random clicks you take with your friends. Photo albums are like treasure chests of memories. Relive them and smile!
7. Forgive someone, especially yourself. Let go of the hurt and free yourself from the burden. Try forgiving a friend who did you wrong. You’ll learn it will make you feel happier with yourself.
6. Don’t stress yourself too much. Whatever it is, will pass. When my friends take too much stress, I often ask them this, “Who’s holding the up the sky for you? Are you doing it?” Naturally they respond with a “no” *smiles* Get my point?
5. Shop. It can brighten up a girl’s day any time! Go out and shop with your girlies, laugh, eat out and have a good time. But don’t turn yourself into a shopaholic and go over board with it 😀
4. Tune out the world some times – Feels like we give so much of ourselves out through communication media these days; like updating our every single mood/news through status messages on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking media. Try to go one week without a newspaper and reading the head lines, lately all they carry is bad news. Meditate, do some soul searching, take a long walk, write a diary. Relax yourself.
3. Let go of all the worrying. You’re inviting the trouble to harm you when it’s even not arrived. Now, doesn’t that sound silly? Instead of worrying and fearing over the consequences, calm your nerves and use the time you have to think of a way to avoid it. Stay calm.
2. Spend time with your family. There’s no replacement to the time you get to spend with them. Don’t wait for perfect conditions to go out for lunch with your sister or to the football match with your brother he has been nagging you all week about. See life in the moment you live in. Fill up your moments now, and enjoy the gift that is called life!
And Number Uno:
1. Blog even when it seems difficult! The satisfaction you get from writing is amazing. Writing is therapeutic! 
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