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With all the information circulating around us 24/7, with moment to moment update from the news as well as from friends and family, we’ve become the most impatient generation of all times. We have every thing at our finger tips, with a few clicks here and a few key taps there, you have access to the fastest real time information this world has ever seen.

7 seconds to send your message across the globe, 160 characters to send through a text message, faster machines, smaller chips, light weight this, light weight that, e-cards over paper cards, shorter blog posts, internet lingo and the abbreviations, remote controls, digital-every-thing, online gift orders; the list is endless.

I don’t remember the last time I wasn’t rushing too fast to pick a present for my family, or the last time I sat down very patiently and read through a few boring pages of a book that I knew was otherwise very interesting. It’s been ages since I took the effort to actually mail a letter to someone, so I always resorted to emailing them. Didn’t get a paper greeting card in ages so I almost forgot what joy it was to hold them and observe the curvy handwriting of the sender.

My moment of realization comes when I find I’m running without thinking, and running this fast makes it

seem aimless at a granular level. We’re too busy creating the big picture for ourselves and forget that what makes it infinitely beautiful are the tiny moments in between. I think we all need a break.


My philosophy about life has come down to every thing plain and simple. Complicating it never did me any good, what about you?

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20-something, semi-extraordinary, fashionably lazy, wife to an amazing guy, writer and dreamer, that's me!

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