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The More We Have, The Less There Is

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Why do things lose charm for us when we acquire them or get them in excess? Do you remember the very charming experience of writing letters to family in far off lands? The way you selected a letter writing paper adorned with a design and the envelope? You made an effort to write in the best handwriting you could manage and then eagerly waited for days for the reply to come. Now it all seems like no big deal when you carelessly type it all in an email editor today and let your browser spell checker so the spell checking for you. It’s abrupt and quick and the minute you’re done, you hit the Send button. The reply comes quicker than the old days, but what it lacks is charm and anticipation.

You waited the whole week for your favorite TV series to know what happens next and if it was a hit series, all the members sat together. Thanks to modern technology, you can watch any movie/series you can think of with just a few clicks here and there. You can watch them all in a go, you don’t have to wait for an entire week. Question is; why isn’t it fun anymore?
You wait for something to happen; you’re waiting with all the eagerness there can be. And just when the moment comes, the rush passes you by without the intensity you were anticipating. The moment is gone and you’re left thinking it was the same as any other moment. :-/

Why are we never content?

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