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Those Who Don’t Believe In Magic Will Never Find It

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I happened to have this conversation with a friend who was too depressed with her progress in life. She kept saying that for the last 23 years she had been on earth, she hadn’t done anything constructive. I kept trying to persuade her otherwise, trying to make her see how important her place is, that no one could fill up her shoes the way she did.

She supports her family financially, that too, at such a young age, the age when I spend all the amount on my pay check as mere pocket money, becoming a sped thrift. I view her as someone much more responsible than me and respect her for the courage she has shown when it got tough for her. But supporting my family surely must not have been my sole purpose to be on this planet, she wailed. I told her this, you need to go back in time and remember what your childhood dreams were, may be that really is the answer to this overrated question. When you were little, you clearly knew who you wanted to be and all these years, you grew up weaving that lovely dream more and more practically. So when I say that those childhood fantasies and ambitions kinda define who you are, would that make sense to you?
Okay so back to my friend… She always wanted to be a teacher, you know, the goodie type teacher who becomes the ultimate inspiration for her students, the kind of teacher people never forget. I told her to go for it any time she can if her current situation does not allow her to.

Me? I want to write, for as long as I can and at some point, may be even paint. I guess that’s what I’m really made for.

So remember my name people, years from now, may be you’ll need to recall it when you’re standing in one of your favorite book stores!

Dream and then make ’em happen! 🙂

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20-something, semi-extraordinary, fashionably lazy, wife to an amazing guy, writer and dreamer, that's me!

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