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"Celebrate your uniqueness!"

 I've always been the kind of person who has strived for her own niche in everything she does. Sadly for people around me, I want to be anything but conventional. I make my own way, I want my own way. I confess, I'm stubborn, but only when I don't get my own way; the one that's slightly off course. I've been made well aware of my limits, the 'norms' as they call it. But are norms really good for us? Or do they only saffocate?

Religion, moral values and ambition sets us apart from animals who lead an aimless life. The right kind of training grooms our personality so we may step into the real world with confidence. There is a certain line uptil which all of this is rational. You cannot mould a sensitive child beyond a certain level. It should be exercized to a certain level, depending upon the subject’s capacity to take it in.

I happened to read a guest post at The Colors Magazine, one by Sam Lui on the identity of a person. He maintained that conciously and unconciously, we’re categorizing and labelling ourselves. We’re the same skin color and blood may be, but we’re entirely different on a certain level. I am, somehow, against the idea of labelling yourselves as someone belonging from a certain set of people. Given that, if there was any category I was to categorize myself into, one would be “a rebel”. I don’t mean to frighten you. I’m an avid supporter of the fact that each of us is different in a gifted way. I read an interview by Zeenat Aman some years back where she said, “celebrate your uniqueness”. The phrase still stays with me and I’m overwhelmed everytime it comes to mind. People are just amazing. There are so many sides to them, and often they are very diverse. Just like a splash of different colors on canvas. Abstract yet beautiful, right? Moulding that raw beauty in the wrong way would tarnish its originality.

Any set of rules of a society should not be saffocating. Sadly, I too live in a culture that often becomes so. Had I been not a part of this society, I assure you I would have been a much different person. Why? Because many options were denied to me because of the rules and norms imposed on me by the society I live in and because of my gender (gender discrimination? Yes). Why do society norms have to be that way? Isn’t right and wrong entirely relative terms? How can a society make a list of all things under ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ then? You might not see things the way I do. I might find some good in something someone else believed to be bad.

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