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10 Things I Learnt At Work

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1. Confidence Boost
That’s probably the first and foremost of them all. I used to be this really shy girl who could hardly speak up and would blush when she did. I feel great when I see it’s not that way anymore.

2. Owning My Mistakes
One thing I consider a valuable lesson is to own my mistakes. When can I start learning from my blunders if I don’t show up with them? When I was younger, I was afraid to make mistakes and to be scolded because of them. Now I want to learn from them but for that to happen, I have to own them and to say where I went wrong. Only then I will be guided properly.

3. There Is Always a Solution
If there isn’t a solution, then it is not a problem in the first place; it is what you call a fact. Brainstorming, thinking out of the box and deep analysis goes into finding solution to a difficult, apparently unsolvable problem. Persistence is required and to get that, you have to tell yourself there is a solution and I will find it! Positivity required, people! Don’t fret over it, trust me you’ll find a way!

4. Managing Time
The basic blessings of what you call an office life! I’m trying to manage time all the time, running from task to the other, running errands, juggling, juggling, constantly juggling. Late night blogging sessions when I’m free. Gets too much at times and even though I get headaches, I love being busy and knowing that I can manage so many things super fast now. It’s an inspiration in itself!

5. Managing Stress
You are not in control so don’t turn into a control freak. There will always be something that will slip through your hands. Instead of stressing yourself by holding yourself responsible, de-stress and think of all possible ways to tackle issues you can still tackle. No problem is too big so just relax. Worrying too much over an issue will only exhaust your ability to manage what you still can.

6. Handling Criticism
Earlier, I couldn’t take in criticism nicely. Work environment gives you a chance to improve in this faculty and take in criticism more positively. It is very important for growth in both professional and personal fronts. So learn to take it!

7. Respecting Commitments
When I say it, I mean, and even when I couldn’t do it, I taught myself to give it my best shot. Work teaches you to be responsible towards your commitments and time lines. I feel more responsible now when I give my word about finishing something in a so and so time frame. If I can’t do it, I don’t commit.

8. Knowing That The Time Is Now
If I want something done, I have to get going with it right now. There’s no better time than now because there’s no use finishing last. Take the lead, do it your way because you’re way is what you’re best at! Planning endlessly is just another curse.

9. Asking The Right Questions
And that’s probably one of the most important things you will learn in life! Only a right question will lead you to the answers you need. Don’t expect ‘what time is it’ to be useful when you need to know the route to new shopping mall opened in town. That’s silly, isn’t it? Knowing the right questions is more important than knowing the right answers. I avoided asking too many questions and thought them as annoying and redundant. I’m glad now I know how a well formed, well thought-of question can help me.

10. Being Answerable
Not only do you learn to form your step by step way from Question Number 1 to Question Number n, you learn that you are accountable. Be it in both good ways or bad.

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