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Endless Modern World

Endless Modern WorldI welcome you to the age of communication, an age where communication has revolutionized. Welcome to the cyber age, where practically all modes of communication have been overcome by the wonder that we call the Internet. We have been eagerly waiting for a time such as this, where information is the new name replacement for knowledge. This age talks of data, numbers, statistics, figures, facts, information and communication.

I focus here on a personal front. We’re sitting at the dinner table and I see my younger brother logged onto some messenger on his phone. He’s here, but he really isn’t here, is he? I need to have the kind of mobile phone that caters all my basic information needs on the go. I need to update my twitter ever so often; the more the tweets, the more followers I will have. Tweet, tweet, tweet, and I almost forget what was going on around me. Facebook has become an essential linking tool for friends and family, usually that the geographically apart. You know what happened to your distant cousin on a so and so date and what their nasty aunt had to say about the whole thing. Your friend updates a wedding photo album of his friend and yet you can see all that too. You don’t know them but you still take out time to go through the whole album before you decide it’s just a waste of time. Capture a moment in a photo and blog about it just like that! You come home after a nine hour office duty but your email keeps coming in, updating, updating, updating. You’re finally home, yet your mind is still in the office. Your family suffers from your distraction.

If there are so many tools available that help us stay connected, why does each and every one of us feel disconnected? I’m on the internet 24/7, I stay connected with my friends and family who are sitting away from me, but I’m too busy to look around and see the people sitting right next to me. When I find a special moment I just have to tweet about it and by the time I’m done with that, the moment has slipped away. We’re in constant communication with the world, but I feel that for that kind of communication, we are constantly giving a part of us away. We keep focusing out into the world and forget the little things around us. I believe this is exactly the reason why so many youngsters among us are frustrated and distressed.

There is no outlet that’s close to nature. What has happened to good old traditions of having a proper family time or that of outdoor activities? Sitting in front of the computer night and day, or constantly looking into your cell phone screen and tapping is giving us nothing but a tired mind and an unhealthy body. Not that I do not acknowledge the positive aspects of everything technology has blessed us with, but there is no sense in going overboard with everything.

Practice solitude every now and then; it’s a wonderful way to recollect yourself. The race is long and hard, you cannot win it with a tired mind. Make sure you take out time for yourself. Turn off that mobile phone for some time, take a break from the constant updates from the 100-something people you may or may not know. Give your time and focus to your family bonding. It can do wonders.

Be present in the here and now. There’s so much to take in, so many moments to appreciate, and so much to enjoy.

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