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A New Beginning

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a new beginning

a new beginning

Hello New Blog,

I want to come back to writing. For days and days when I considered myself out of inspiration, I mistook it all the while. For writing, I need to look into myself and not around and see what I have to share with the world. My earlier writing space myperfectline.com was full of such spontaneous spur of emotion. As much as I loved all of my world, I strangely wanted to break free from it. It was too gravitating, too pushing type that just kept me circulating in the same circle over and over. I adore all my pieces with all my heart, because they are what make me who I am. Bits and pieces of me across the page that seems to bring it to life. But like any moment where you need to grow and mature, you need to start afresh on a new page. So this is my new page. My old page will always be dear to me for it helped me see through myself in all the confusion and absurdity of growing up. I am grown up now and so this new year demands a new page of a new book.

I hope to find more of you here. And I wish every time you come here, you get to learn something new.

Welcome to my impersonal connotations about life, told very personally.

Take care!

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20-something, semi-extraordinary, fashionably lazy, wife to an amazing guy, writer and dreamer, that's me!

2 Comments on A New Beginning

  1. Neelofar Asghar. // June 27, 2012 at 4:41 pm // Reply

    Good luck for this new begining!

  2. Keep up the Good work and keep happy blogging 🙂
    Stay Blessed

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