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21; and she was on fire!

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New found freedom

New found freedom

Deep into the archives of my computer, there lies a folder which contains cherished memories. I was 21 and I loved taking photos. I had so many friends around me, all of us newly out of universities, fresh graduates, together, laughing and bubbling like we owned the world. It hadn’t been long that we were finally coming out of the protective shells our parents had made for us. We were discovering world anew. We were experiencing the power of money for the first time. No more could our parents object to what we bought and why. Our wallets were full. It gave a synthetic feel to our idea of freedom. I had a whole group of friends that I thought would never change.

Each one gifted in one way or the other; I got to learn so much from them. Now we’re apart and barely in touch. Time tests friendships and so some fell out of my heart and some remained to stay. I haven’t been writing lately. I was waiting for the bolt of inspiration to strike me. It did just as I opened those photos again that leave me with joy as well as a bitter sweet nostalgia. It’s such an amazing age to be: 21. You think you can own the world and with a little tug, you just might, I’m sure.

Friends that I knew when I was growing up, rediscovering the world will stay special to me always. And may be each venture into that well-archived folder will provoke me to write something more. I’m thankful for the colors each one added to me. What’s the next best thing a girl can ask for?

Random. Just random. Scribbling my way back to my writing routine. Till next time.

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