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Why Should I Drink Green Tea?

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Green tea and weight loss

Green tea and weight lossIt’s not like anyone gets any perks out of the very fact that I am finally going to have green tea once more.

I should drink green tea to shut out my mind that’s screaming at me tonight for being such a couch potato. Seriously! My mind has an effing mind of it’s own (which is very much possible and in most cases, the victim suffers greatly!) and it won’t let me be!

I have this self concocted tale where I was on a green tea routine for about a week and I sort of fainted at work. That was pretty embarrassing with friends trying to unlock my phone and call my parents in case I had a history or something. I couldn’t pin point any change I made to my diet except those cups of green tea I forced myself to take in place of black tea. (Black tea, oh, black tea, how I love thee!!) So by all this that passed, I made it  clear to myself and those apparently concerned about my varying weight to chuck out the idea of green tea for weight loss.

Until tonight.

I had to take one cup to tell my other mind (the one that won’t let my mind be) that I was going to do something about my weight. I just can’t continue putting up my old photos on Facebook to cheer myself up. I will eventually run out of them anyway. So I have to start, like, NOW.

If you’re thinking the only motive a girl might have to lose weight is Facebook, then I won’t play the preacher and say no. The answer’s yes. Vain, isn’t it? Like we care if you say so. We girls like to look and feel our best and Facebook happens to be the best place to hang out the cyber-way.

I’ll let you on a little weight loss secret so that you won’t say what a waste of time this post has been.

2 litres water, 1 medium sized cucumber, 1 lemon, 10-12 mint leaves. Steep them overnight in the fridge and drink this during the day from time to time.

When done regularly, it does wonders, I say wonders to freshen up your skin. It’s great for general detox and boosts weight loss.

You can thank me later for it. Till next time!

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1 Comment on Why Should I Drink Green Tea?

  1. That sounds good even………Better than green tea for sure! I will give it a go Mehreen.
    Thanks for the tip!

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