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Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of…

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… his and mine are the same.

I love this dialogue from Emily Bronte’s famous Wuthering Heights. Such a splendid tale of unbridled, chaotic passion that, when unfulfilled, eats up the very roots of Wuthering Heights.

I was longing to have them written on a cup which I may use while reading books, so I came up with my own.


And since this was going to be a rather bland way of looking at my favorite lines without a little doodle art, I created a motif on the other side in freehand.


It’s something so casual and so personalized, I’d love to use it in bed with a nice book. You can make your own too. Here’s how:

Things you need: 1 oven safe mug of your favorite color, preferably without any existing design (I picked white since it gives me room for about anything); a Sharpie or a permanent marker (I used a Faber Castell parmanent marker with thin tip). Just draw or write what you like and bake it for 30 minutes at 350F to make it wash safe too.

If you have ceramic paints that would do as well. You need a steady hand with a brush and that will save you the baking step. Just paint your design and leave it to dry for at least 24 hours. That way you will be sure of not smearing it and it’ll be wash safe.

Try it, it’s fun. Come back here and share your art with me too. And my personal tip for making anything: just don’t worry about the outcome okay? Enjoy the process, that’s what makes art fun.

Till next time. Take care.

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1 Comment on Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of…

  1. Mehreen this is beautiful and you know all of used to love your hand writing in university 🙂 I’m also gonna give a try but mine hand writing is so very bad :/ Well I will share whatever I will come up with 🙂 xx

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