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Echoes Of The Past – 3WW

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Just to get back to writing after months, I am going to take up the prompt at Three Word Wednesday. The game is to write something, anything, using the words: echo, hardship and softly. Here’s my take on it.

“The echo of hardships long gone still seemed to curve the edges of her world. Silently and softly it crept into every memory she held dear, the poverty and hunger stricken days. Climbing up her spine, the echoes would come and haunt here like a thief in the night.”

That was utterly depressing. But I just had to write something to get my creative juices flowing again. Please be kind and overlook the sadness and just look at it as a piece of (average) creativity. Comments please! 🙂

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4 Comments on Echoes Of The Past – 3WW

  1. Sad, but incredibly beautifully expressed.

  2. This is very well written.sometimes this is how we feel but we turn that page and find happiness again.

  3. If you are getting your creative juices flowing again, then you are off to a great start! This makes me want to know more about this person!

  4. Beautiful expression.

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