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An Ode to Pakistan

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pakistan-hsbc-bankI came across this photo in one of my Facebook friends’ albums and I instantly lighted up. The HSBC logo at the end of the screen gave me more satisfaction.

Pakistan; my homeland, now tarnished in the name of terrorism and violence. As a child, I loved the way ‘Pakistan’ sounded. I loved the green and white flag with the handsome star. We were a peaceful nation then.

Today, when for the rest of the world Pakistan is the most dangerous place on Earth, I have faith that one day we will rise above all this. We are the survivors. I doubt if any other country would have been strong enough to withstand what we have been withstanding for years and years. My unfortunate country has had one of the worst leaders in the world but my country was the idea of one of the most progressive people in history. Look at the big picture and see us for all the ugliness you can imagine; look into the finer details and see the innocence and purity that makes up every common man of this nation and you’ll know well enough what makes us the survivors.

I salute Pakistan. One day she will rise again. Ameen to that.

And on this optimistic note, I wish you a lovely weekend ahead!

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