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design-yourself-be-yourselfOne thing I just cannot stand is people continuously trying to be someone they are not. Not that if it effects me in any way. It’s just that…
… Why not accept yourself more graciously?

People. Though I love how deep we can be, some of us just don’t see themselves that way, and resort to being a second rate version of someone else than the first rate version of their own self.

At the end of the day, it’s just you. Who do you lie to then? Doesn’t it suffocate you for continuously being in a ridiculous camouflage?

Break free. Breath. Be yourself.

It takes courage. Period.

Design yourself as someone more genuine. No one can fill your shoes better than you do.
Or so I read 😉

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20-something, semi-extraordinary, fashionably lazy, wife to an amazing guy, writer and dreamer, that's me!

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