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A Word On Our Tomorrows

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tomorrow-is-ours“I love tomorrows. All of them. They kinda make you feel you can last forever. That’s a mighty big feeling you know. There are so many things left to be done but they can wait. Not for too long. Just till tomorrow. This is the last cup of tea I’m drinking with sugar in it. From tomorrow, there will only be sugar-less cups of tea on the face of this earth. The perfect job can wait for me, I promise I’ll get serious about it tomorrow. And so will be my walk. Why not today? It’s so tough *makes a tired face* I’ll be pushing my legs today and I don’t want to do that to them! Give them time at least till tomorrow. Tomorrow I plan to wake up at some decent morning time and go for that much deserved walk, that somehow isn’t so deserving today! Tomorrow, I’ll tell him. Why fight today? I have a headache and I don’t want any more of it. I’ll be open and frank and I’m sure he will understand tomorrow as much as he will today. But NO. Not today. Tomorrow. Please. It’s only a day away and I can use today for any last hugs and kisses in case he chooses not to understand. Tomorrow is precious you see. It seems to neatly cater every thing I need to do. And it sure does seem infinite!”

How many tomorrows? I don’t know. Plenty there are and plenty there will always be. But you will not understand the value of your tomorrows until you realize there isn’t going to be one. Do it today, do it now. Make tomorrow really worth while like it’s always meant to be.

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