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Saturday Nine: Bette Davis Eyes

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I’m doing the Saturday Nine writing prompt today. It’s simple. Check out Saturday Nine’s new entry every Saturday and answer a bunch of very simple questions. Post them on your blog and add your post link on their website.

These nine questions do not have to make any sense, it’s just a great way to write something regularly, regardless of the purpose.

Here’s my entry for this week.

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1) Has anyone ever told you that you resemble a celebrity?

Yes, but it was a long time back. My husband used to say I looked a bit like Kareena, haha! That was a really, really long time back. He says I don’t look like her anymore.

2) Is there an actress or actor whose movies you make it a point to see?

I think I want to watch Kate Winslet‘s movies when I am in the mood for family drama movies. Her movies aren’t usually “family” movies but I’m completely blown off by her acting in every movie. She’s definitely worth a watch.

3) We’re stopping for refreshments before we go in to see the movie. What’s your refreshment stand order?

Popcorn and strawberry slush. Or sometimes it’s vanilla ice cream.

4) When did you last consume an alcoholic beverage? What was it?

I don’t drink 😛

5) Are you jumpy? Do you startle easily?

I’m not sure what that particularly means, but if it means what I think it means, then yeah may be. I’m easily moved into action.

6) Do you wear a watch?

Yes, any time I step out. It’s a very important accessory for me.

7) When was the last time you tried a new restaurant?

We don’t usually try new restaurants very often. We like to know what to expect what we’re eating when we’re hungry lol. But still, ummm, I think it was a new Chinese every body was crazy about but I thought it was hideous; you could actually smell off every thing. Argh.

8) What color is your wallet?

Snake skin pattern. I think it’s wild.

9) How much does it have in coins right now?

Ummm, I’ve a separate wallet for that haha.

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7 Comments on Saturday Nine: Bette Davis Eyes

  1. Your description of the Chinese restaurant made me shudder. I don’t blame you for not wanting to go back.

  2. Kareena? as Kareena Kapoor? Great!

  3. penguinsauce // January 19, 2013 at 8:12 pm // Reply

    Strawberry slush is amazingly yummy! Anything strawberry generally is =D

  4. That’s the worst when a restaurant that’s been reccomended doesn’t turn out so great. Especially when you think, “I skipped an old favorite for this!”
    Kate Winslet is a good actress.

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