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Letters I’ll Never Send – Dear God

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ImageDear God,

It’s like one of those times when You push me in a tight corner and I become a grumpy kid throwing tantrums and being unreasonable. I’m a little short on common sense (of course You know that!) and so I take time in getting the drift. I want to thank you for the immense courage You put in me every now and then. Well, You often do it a tad bit late but I don’t mind. No siree! Every one has a point upto which they can handle stuff. So You made mine farther more away than the rest, I find that awesome. That’s so like my mom by the way, and it feels great You gave me some of her streaks.

I’m sorry for all those times I thought You weren’t looking my way, like I said, I’m a little short on the brain cells. You made me a person of heart, I think, I feel, I live from the heart. I thank you for all that too. But most important of all, You showed me uncertainty and fear and then You taught me to put it all in Your hands. I feel assured now, like someone has placed a kind, healing hand on my disturbed, beating heart; it gives me a sense of calmness that spreads everywhere inside me. You bring me back every time and I know You love me better than anyone else does!

– A humble human.

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