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Letters I’ll Never Send – Dear Sad Girl

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Dear Girl With The Deep Sad Eyes,

Can I walk in your shoes for a day? I hope it’s not much I’m asking for. Just one day. I want to know you better, feel you like no one ever has. I want to know where is it that your mind wanders back to when I see you looking at something in the distance. I want to know what your half parted lips try to say to the drowning sun but stop half way; close without uttering those words you seem so eager to say. I want to know your smile better, see if it goes back and reach your heart. Does it light up your heart? Does it shine like a candle then? Or is it that all the shine is lost against the darkness your carry inside you. You’ve become such a beauty reflecting off all the goodness that comes your way and people thank you for it. What they don’t see is that the light reflects off you because you’re not letting it get inside. I want to walk in your shoes for one day just to know what it is that you are holding back so defensively.

Can I walk in your shoes for a day? I want to know your happiness, your pain, your laughter and your deep dark secrets. Is there a better homage to who you are and what you mean to me than to get in your skin, feel it, take your essence in, touch your hair, see where your eyes drift off to every time I catch you off guards. Have you had your heart broken? Were you left picking up the pieces yourself? You may not know, but I think you missed some of them and they still lie on the floor.

I want to walk in your shoes for just one day and fill you up with life once again. Can you share your mortal frame with someone as unworthy as me, I promise I won’t be in for much longer. But what I do promise you is that I will fill you with life again, I will touch your heart now and make sure it lets me inside. I will care for you like no one ever did and I promise you there will come a time when one day without me will become a curse for you. You will know the courage it takes to fall in love again when you’re heart has been broken once. And I promise you, when you do fall in love, I’ll be there to catch you!

Yours truly,
The Best Friend.

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10 Comments on Letters I’ll Never Send – Dear Sad Girl

  1. goo0d work πŸ™‚

  2. i need your help regarding blog….you add s0me menu under the name so how you add these like zodiac, the perfect line and others.

    Thank yew

  3. Very touching and now I am crying. This is how I feel when I look at my sister. I miss her so much.

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