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To Kill A Mockingbird – My Book Review

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I picked up To Kill a Mockingbird because it said it talks of an innocent childhood lost in a summer long ago. To sum up what this book offers the reader are tiny bits of wisdom scattered throughout the book; each of them making us realize that we were wiser as kids.
Children, I believe, are wiser than us because they see the world in black and white and not the grays. If asked to pick out my favorite quote from this book, I would be at a fix because any quote I picked wouldn’t deliver the feeling, the experience delivered by this book as a whole. I can read this book many times and come up with a new lesson learnt each time. Such is the beauty of this timeless classic.
In amidst of an innocent, unknowing childhood, the writer shows us the cruel fact of life back then when Racism had its claws deep into the American society. There is a trial in town, unlike many the town people have seen. A black man has been falsely accused of rape of a white woman. Knowing that the man is innocent and that this case appeals to Attacus’s heart as a personal calling, Attacus, a white man, takes up the case as his moral duty to simply save an innocent man, regardless of whether he is black or white. It was one of the first, feeble, good hearted and sincere efforts to change the general mindset of people. But will one black man have real justice in the face of so many people who think he is guilty just by looking at the color of his skin?
Harper Lee’s best work and my favorite too, may be because it talks of childhood in the most natural way. It describes the dilemma these children go through when they are unable to understand how injustice has crept into their perfect little world. A wonderful book to say the very least and a treat for those who are looking for a soulful read.
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Happy Reading!

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