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You Are Here

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Where butterflies flutter around every time you look at me...
And your eyes
and your smile
and your stolen glances
make me skip a beat
and then a two
and then a three...



You are here…
… at the best time in your life… In the best possible circumstances, with the best people, with the best abilities. It’s all about what and how you make out of it. 
Here and now… And I hope it always stay this way, no wait… I hope it gets better and better each day.



We are here. Together. And yes I do. Come what may.I do… for better or for worse… 





The power of being HERE: You will not realize how important today can be for the rest of your life as long as you don’t know that what you do today and how you do it has the power to reach farther than you can foresee. It just needs a little spark of faith.
Have a safe journey into the Future!





You are here… in every word I write, in every dream I see, in every color I choose, in every song I sing.
You are here and trust me, this time you are not alone. I’m right beside you my friend… If it’s a rough ride, just hold on tighter! 🙂



Words reach us still, from far far away. And in an instant, we cover the countless miles that separate us. How can I say that you are far away when all it needs is a connection we share on an ‘unwordly’ level… Sometimes it feels like you are right here because human emotions have the power to reach out… across oceans… across seas… across mountains… across all barriers.



Memories… Treasured memories… The hand written notes, the old photographs turning yellow and golden with the weight of emotion in them. How can I not love them? I see them through and instantly… you are here.
You are here.
And that’s all that matters.
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