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The New Life

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This month has took me on a whirlwind of different emotions. Two weeks from now, I saw a new life entering into the world; and just last week, I saw a dear, beloved life leave it. I felt the chilling pain behind them both. This comes to me as a wake up call like many others. But the question is; how long will this realization stay with us? How much longer will our road go until we finally say and do everything keeping our inevitable end in mind. I daresay, if that is the case, we can all be better at being humans the very minute. The loss of life and the sadness of it must not dampen our spirits. It must shake us up and show us what we are here for. We must not make death a scary moment that makes us lesser of a man; we must make death a point we look forward to; a meeting with The Most Gracious, The Most Benevolent.

I know I sound morbid to many who happen to read this, but let it be that way. Because however morbid or scary, we all owe God a death.

May we find the faith in us that enable us to see this sadness as a stepping stone in becoming someone better. May God accept all our efforts and accept our love for Him. And may you become a more and more beautiful person in the eyes of Almighty. May you have faith. Ameen.

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