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Revolutionary Road – Book Review

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Revolutionary RoadRevolutionary Road by Richard Yates My rating: 4 of 5 stars I have to hate both the hero and heroine of this novel and that's why I love this book so much! Both are trapped in their own small, neurotic, selfish minds and the tragedy that happens to them is all their own making. Frank Wheeler happens to be a typical male but his wife April takes the cake when all she ever does is think about herself. Their falling marriage is just a by product of their self centered wishes for their life. They have two kids and a coming baby. It's obvious their kids aren't a significant part of their future.

I picked out this book after watching the movie where the role of Frank was played by Leonardo di Caprio and April was played by Kate Winslet. I have to hand it to them, that was pretty awesome acting. The role of April seems to have stuck around a bit any time I see Kate Winslet in a drama type movie. I guess that just only makes her one of the best actresses out there.

This might be a depressing book but it is intense and that’s what makes it special. Go into the mind of these two people, Frank and April, and by the time you finish, you will realize they were really special people, hopelessly stuck in a mundane life. They just weren’t made for this.

Hate off to Yates. I wouldn’t mind reading this one again.

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