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The Apology

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tumblr_ml7ct1lp1C1s4obsuo1_500_largeWith all feelings of the heart, an apology is something that the other should feel. It must radiate from one's heart and cross the barrier to the other's. It takes a lot of courage, I grant you that. It requires you to lower your walls, your modern day defenses of ego and pride, and find a way to its destination. It takes patience and it takes toil; and it takes a whole lot of Trust me, I mean it. And so my dear friends, we resort to finding ways of avoiding this self demeaning, this self lowering, this self pitying action of what's called an apology.

We’ve heard our elders say, “there’s nothing wrong in apologizing”. Oh but there is, there is! I value myself and I love myself. If I don’t respect and love myself, why would others love and respect me. This is the logic we tell ourselves to satisfy the guilt.

Apology shows how bold you are. When you don’t apologize, you’re screaming to the world, “I don’t respect you, now do I respect our relation!” ; be it any relation. When you apologize, you feel better because you know you have tried to make things right again. You show that you care. It acts as a power play between people and their relationships because it converts the drive for revenge into a peaceful habit of forgive-and-forget. When you forgive and forget, the first person you are sparing is yourself. You spare yourself from negativity and hate, and you spare yourself from losing an otherwise happy relationship/friendship.

The obstinacy to not apologize stems from the fact that people think saying sorry will make them feel bad about themselves. The truth is very much far from it. You have to try it to fully understand the freeing feeling you get when you discuss things through and say sorry for everything that’s due. So say sorry, it’s okay to be wrong once in a while. And smile!

Writing prompt for Sunday Scribblings: The Apology

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