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You’re Beautiful

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you-are-beautifulShe always gazed intently at the dying sun, sitting on her favorite rock, and me? Well, I always sat on the sand, playing with a stick. She seemed to be talking to the sun and I never interfered. It was like they were trying to reach some important conclusion so I left them to themselves. Today was just the same; we were at the beach and she was talking to the sun. She found solace in this place. I was her best friend; she often told me that, I was someone she always came running to when something went wrong. How many times she had come home to me crying bitterly because someone hurt or betrayed her. She was naive and I joked about how she only found idiots. I loved her, she did too. She just didn't know it.

He looked in her direction and his heart leapt for a moment. He had not known her for long but he knew it was more than that. It was already too late to look back. She hadn’t believed him at first. How can you fall in love with my voice? She was amused. I don’t have any idea! I just adored how you spoke and I came daily just to hear you. He didn’t know why anymore. Reasons defied. He no longer loved just her voice; he loved her completely and fully.

What exactly is love? Is it just an excuse for people to get themselves hurt? He would simply raise an eye brow and flash a smile at her that would stir her up momentarily. She did not wish to be stirred or moved or reached within anymore. She had had her share. Sweet heart, there will be a time when you’ll need to listen to my voice before going to bed. That, my dear, will be when you know what love is. That annoyed her, his confidence almost scared her. She had vowed to herself in the best of her interests not to let her guards down ever again. This guy seemed to have a determination she couldn’t avoid.

She clutched his hand tightly and he looked in her direction. She kept looking at the sun, smiling. Strands of brown hair on her face fell as the breeze toyed with it. He responded her by tightening his grip on her hand. She looked at him then.

How did you do it? She spoke to him in her mind, eyes imploring, a realization of questions finally answered. He understood perfectly and smiled back. Didn’t I tell you, love?

But, how? Her eyes implored.

I have known you time after time, dream after dream, I have known you in the rising sun, felt you in the innocence of spring. How would I not know, love?

A tear ran down her cheek. What took you so long?

Does it matter? We’re finally here. What more do we want? He brushed the tear with his fingers.

“I know”, he finally spoke.

She smiled and he took her in his arms. She sat there in his lap for a long time, at peace after quite some while. Holding hands, they watched the sun give way to the most beautiful evening of their life.

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