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6 Old Songs To Change Your Mood – Tunes I Like Tuesday

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My playlist is crammed with old songs that I am listening to since my University days. I am just too lazy to clean up my disk. Some of them still serve as an awesome reminder of the good ol' days and I love listening to them over and over. Perfect mood changers for me as they are, I'm sharing my little list with you. Cry - A Walk To Remember A Walk To Remember seems way back but it never loses its charm. I'm taken back to the first time I watched this movie and cried. This song never fails to take me into another feeling altogether!

Beautiful by Akon ft Colby O’donis and Kardinal

This is something that should be any young girl’s playlist. It’s bound to make you feel beautiful and desirable despite any type of mood you’re in. Every girl deserves to be told she’s beautiful, and Akon makes it sound like he’s singing for you!

Just The Way You Are by Milky

This song is fast, fun and cute. I’ve spent a whole year walking to this song every single day. I still haven’t grown bored of this tune.

At The Beginning – Anastasia

Anastasia was a timeless classic for us women who were dreamy eyed girls back then. The story is just so perfect; a young princess who loses her family midst a big turmoil. She loses her memory as well and has no inkling of the royal blood she possesses. Then this charming, handsome man comes along who senses the princess in her. He then reunites her to her royal family. Anastasia is something I always love to sing along with.

Nobody Want To Be Lonely by Ricky Martin

This song is so smooth, it can pass for whipped cream over fresh red strawberries. LOL! I like the solo version better, by the way.

If You Believe by Rachael Lampa

Listen to this one and tell me where you are transported to! This is another song from A Walk To Remember soundtrack.


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