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For the Love of Maps

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mapAs a child, I’ve always had a fondness for maps. Using my drawing skills that I discovered very early on, thanks to my dear father who taught me how to draw, I would trace out maps any time I would get my hands on one. It was an unusually weird hobby for a kid of 7 years, but that was just me I guess. My uncle who was a PhD in Geology had this amazing collection of atlas in his small library. To add to my interest, his desk had an air filled globe ball. He generously let me skim through all his precious atlas collection; and if I was really good, I could borrow one for some time to be able to draw some maps. But my craze didn’t end there; I secretly wish he will gift me his globe ball some day. It would have been the perfect birthday gift for me any year.

I have grown out of my love for maps but what has taken its place is the fondness of seeing all those places whose names I saw on the maps I drew. When the husband and I decided our next stop will be Iraq, I confess I was a little shaky. Still, we both decided to give it a shot and to see what Allah had in store for us in this seemingly dangerous place. Now I love the fact that I am among the very few who get a chance to see a place where many would be afraid of venture. We live in a peaceful and scenic spot in Northern Iraq and it’s as opposite to dangerous as the media portrays it. The people are simple and friendly; and you can see it in their every day struggle that they are working hard towards a developing Iraq. Just give it a few years and you will hear of a booming Erbil in Iraq.

Coming back to maps, I don’t think I am entirely over my love for them. May be this time around I will attempt to paint within the pencil outlines to enjoy and relive it once more.

(This prompt required me to write a poem or a vignette. I regret to say, I was tempted to write something entirely different.)

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5 Comments on For the Love of Maps

  1. Neelofar Asghar // September 20, 2013 at 8:51 pm // Reply

    I rermember, your mother had a Masters degree in Geography, may be your mother also has a part in this love of maps!

  2. Maps set me longing for adventure. I’m impressed that you’re following that longing!

  3. I also have a great fascination for maps–especially old ones with the names of places now called someone else. I hope the good people of Iraq will someday overcome the bad ones. Their new president gives me hope that we will see this much sooner than later.

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