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What I’m Eating – A Quick Round Up

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As I am nearing my Pakistan trip date, I am also nearing the date till when I can maintain my strict diet. With just 5 days more to go, I am on a countdown to lose every calorie that I can in this time period. I am refraining from updating my myfitnesspal profile for weight loss. With taking care on the food front, yoga and walk activities have become daily now. I will have to give up my walk for a few days on my vacation. The yoga can still stay.

Oats for breakfast is a regular now. Not only do I like the taste, but it keeps me fuller longer and often through my workouts too. Lunch usually comprises of a fresh tasty salad that has both vegies and fruits and sometimes, a light wheat bread sandwich. While I keep snacks super healthy and super light by choosing only fruits, dinner is regular food with a light, small chapati roti. Sometimes small portions of rice will do, if only to keep my craving satiated. Early dinner is a great habit to follow, especially if you are trying to lose weight. It helps give your digestive system a generous time to process your meal.

What is it that you are eating? Eating healthy is fun because you can really get creative, Tell me your favorite food combination. Cheers!

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  1. love ur blog sweety.. its amazing??

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