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God: A Love Born of Faith

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When do you know someone is listening to your prayers? When was the last time you knew the sorrow you carried in your fragile heart was incurable by every single doctor, surgeon or expert that walks on the face of this planet? Some things are granted by God alone. Like hearing the unsaid, like ridding your heart of fear, like giving you the strength of staying strong, like gifting you the courage to say the bitter truth, like holding your heart when it can easily turn cold, like holding you by your finger and it becomes your lifeline to sanity… like cradling you through nights no one knows you’ve cried. God and God alone lets you be the best you can be.

And likewise, some things only God knows. He gives you a protected life as a child, with loving parents who watch over you and protect you from all troubles. And when you grow up, God gives you one little bump at a time till you have wings to fly, till your faith becomes so strong you needn’t anything else. God and God alone shapes you in the person you are meant to be by teaching you, showing you, loving you, testing you and then rewarding you.

My faith in people had been shaken not because people were untrustworthy, but because only one faith exists in this Universe and that is the faith in Allah. You and I may have different notions for what that Higher Being is but we all look in the same direction, we all look for the same faith, at the same sky. When my heart could turn icy cold, He held it in His Mighty Hands and kept it warm so many painful times. The thinnest chord that led me to Him was the strongest. He taught me, showed me, tested me and then, I believe, He decided to reward me. My heart blooms with His warmth. My faith in Him is my lifeline.

I wish you all a life of Faith, Belief, Love and Miracle that only God can create.

Stay faithful to Him.

Stay blessed.

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1 Comment on God: A Love Born of Faith

  1. Neelofar Asghar // September 30, 2013 at 4:11 pm // Reply

    “He taught me, showed me, tested me and then, I believe, He decided to reward me”. This line really touches the heart. Stay blessed always.

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