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Iraq; A Story of Survival

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largeThe tea on the stove brews. I like the way a beautiful aroma spreads in my room. Caffienated words have a beauty of their own. Blogging this way seems like a blend of two different times. The keyboard should suffice for blank sheets of paper, yet the hot tea in my favorite cup stays the same. I like looking out the window while I write. It adds a sense of wonder about the views of Nature my eyes. More than Nature, I am intrigued by the people in this poetic landscape. How many people must reside there? What are their lives like? Are they happy? Are they sad? Do they have difficult but content lives? I wonder at the strength of their hearts. Iraqis, as well all know, have faced the horrors of wars. While we watched CNN and BBC with unbatted eyes as the bombs showered down, can we ever come close to feeling what they felt? Could we have imagined the terror of a child at finding a parent lost? What would it have been like to have your home finished in the blink of an eye in just a few seconds? The human soul can only take as much amount of grief at a time. How could their hearts contain this grief and still live to tell the tale?

Iraqi people are the bravest people I know; apart from my fellow Pakistanis. They live a brave story of survival each day. It actually reminds me of a pheonix, if its appropriate; that’s just how I feel. Like a pheonix, they perish and rise again, time and time again. I see the hardness of war left on their faces. Faces that used to be fine and beautiful are left with lines of harshness and daily struggle. Their hands tell a tale of daily wear and tear. Young couples still fight the traces of infertility that previous wars have left behind in their generations. They are bringing their minds together to reconstruct their culture that has been lost in the darkness a long time back. Still, there is smile on their faces. They will stand up and welcome you to their country warmly. They will shake their hands firmly and ask you if you like it in Iraq. You are humbled to say, yes, I do because in all honesty, they really do make you feel as comfortable as their limited resources can allow them to. They will go out of their way to help you out, to guide you to places, to try and understand your fluent English with their limited knowledge of it. They take every opportunity to celebrate happy occasions; because after all the sadness, they now know its true value. They will dance their folk way at every beat and make an occasion out of it.

The world is soon going to see a booming, developing Iraq. Because, limited as their resources might be, Iraqis have learnt to survive.

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