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largeShe felt utterly lost. The strange surroundings only intimidated her more. They presented a striking contrast in comparison; how big was the world around her and how little she was. One minute she was moving through life at full head on speed and the next moment she found herself hopelessly, completely, utterly lost. It was a frightening feeling. It was like while she was doing all those amazing things, something was slowly consuming her from the inside. There were moments when she denied having done them at all. That’s how meaningless they were. She realized she had become just another contender in the rat race and now she was left with an empty heart and a big hole inside her. What happened to me all the while I thought I was building myself? I worked so hard for a place in the world. I gave it everything, my life, my family, my friends, my time, my energy. Where did I go wrong? Why is that after trying so hard, I am so empty? She thought over these questions a million times over. Lying on the soft green grass, she looked at the sky. It was getting dark and she could see the stars peeping in now. She lost herself to the beautiful sight. Strangely, it felt familiar, this wilderness, this awesome sight which she had forgotten while she worked for a place in the world. A longing grew inside her and may be, she had found out what it was that her heart yearned for. It ached for her lost faith. She ran around in life, finding success but she forgot to take her faith with her. She longed once more to feel God’s love, to have Him warm her heart with love. God’s love seemed like an undying light, the kind that literally blooms inside you. She needed no one, but God.

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  1. Faith in Allah almighty is the only source to get peace and success.

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