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The Story Behind How The World Came About Laughing

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imagesYou know how what you give always comes back to you. I often wondered how we came about smiling and laughing. Here's how. Someone, long ago, saw the wonder of a rainbow. He must have been spell bound to see the same colors on the wide, bright sky as that of his lady love. He must have wanted to capture it somehow, to offer it as a token of his love for the lady. But of course, that was impossible. He must have thought hard, he must have thought day and night. He must have thought endlessly till he came by a small child who laughed with a pureness so complete, that the man instantly knew how he could give the coveted gift to his lady fair. But what happened next? Here's what.

He took the child to her and offered him to her, which was obviously so silly, that she gave out a laugh. Eureka! The man was astonished. She had that magic rainbow smile too. And so, he tried to see if he had it in him as well. Slowly and timidly, he attempted to turn his lips. It required a little effort since he always had his lips either simple straight or curved downwards in a frown or sadness. His lady’s eyes opened wide, eager to see if the man could do it too. Oh, how she wished he would. He was handsome and smart, but he just didn’t know how to smile. Just like the rest. Just like every other person in the village. Even though she loved him, she wanted to marry someone who would have lots of smiles to share with her. Deep down, the man also knew he had do get over this one last obstacle in winning her heart of hearts, and that would seal his fate. So, we were saying that the man was trying to curl his lips upwards. He was so scared of losing that he actually started fidgeting. And frankly, this really wasn’t helping him. All he could manage was a weak smile that made him look rather constipated. (pun intended!)

Seeing the man of his dreams lose so pathetically, that the girl turned her face away. That was where the child, that wise, blessed child, came to the rescue. With all the might his tiny fingers could deliver, he tickled the man on his side. The man instantly forgot all fear and did something strange. He curled his lips upwards suddenly to the extent where his teeth bared. No, that was not enough. He had to do something more. His body was urging something more out of him. He laughed so hard that all the passer-byes had to stop and watch. The girl turned back to the man of his dreams, not believing her eyes. The reality was too beautiful… She did the only thing that could be done. She smiled back at him, and then, just to join her future husband in something happy, she laughed as well.

All this was so strange for the villagers who had stopped by to see this couple. It was a few seconds’ time when it registered on their minds that whatever this couple was doing, was something very enjoyable. Each of them wanted to try these strange facial expressions and funny sounds coming out of them. With a little reluctance, they found it was wonderful doing whatever they were doing. Everyone broke out into fits of laughter.

The girl was ecstatic beyond anything she had ever felt. She had loved this man silently all her life and now, he had given them something they did not have. He had taught them to smile and laugh. This was the man she was going to marry. And marry they did. And they lived happily ever after, with lots of giggles, smiles, and fits of laughter. They live long because they laughed and prevented stress, which did not lead to any high blood pressure and which, obviously, did not lead to any heart strokes or diabetes.

Following the tradition of the people of this smiling and laughing village, today we all exercise this silent code to smile back when a stranger smiles at us. It comes naturally to us, though the amount of giggles, smiles and laughter may vary, consequently varying the amount of stress, high blood pressure, heart strokes and diabetes. We owe that old village a lot. Before, I end this, don’t forget to smile.

This is part of my random ramblings, where a story is started off at one random thought. The rule is not to give up on your story no matter how silly or unreal it gets; or on the other hand, how exceptional it turns out to be. How did you like my silly but light-hearted tale? 🙂 She some love.


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  1. I like the thought behind this story.

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