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1 Week Weight Loss Challenge

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eba74432868120aa758fa82292def0aaHello Peeps, If you are one of my (brilliantly awesome) followers, you already know I embarked on a weight loss journey a couple of months back. I wasn't as committed to it as I should have been but the good news is, I reached my BMI calculated healthy weight range. I had two things in my mind when I decided to quit the sofa and get up and going.

1) My primary goal was to get healthy

2) Losing more weight once I reach my healthy weight range was going to be a bonus

So, here I am, already in the range I initially aimed for. But trust me, this weight loss journey takes constant motivation and sometimes, looking good can not be a good enough reason; especially when day after day your scale shows the same weight. As you lose weight, losing further will get tough. So, if you’re someone like me, needing a motivation to lose weight and get fit, here’s a little blog meme to get you going and keeping at that.

The 1 Week Weight Loss Challenge

I’m the kind of person who loves setting big goals but as with most people, a bigger goal starts getting intimidating. I want to try a new trick: this time I will set short term goals with the intention of staying 100% committed to my goal during this short time. Here are the rules:

  1. This weight loss challenge will last for about 1 week. You can take it up for as long as you feel comfortable, the minimum being 1 week.
  2. At the start of the week, weigh yourself first thing in the morning, before working out or eating/drinking anything. Forget the scale for the rest of the week.
  3. During this week, watch your food. Swap all unhealthy food for healthier options. Google up facts and become aware of nutrition facts. Start reading nutrition labels on product packings. If you own a smartphone, you can use a calorie counting app to help you track your food
  4. Make a commitment to workout every single day of the week. Do it even if you’re not in the mood. Do it even if you only have 15 minutes to spare, but get that butt moving! I usually walk and try to do it everyday even if it’s for 30 minutes on a slow pace. I’m getting somewhere as long as I keep moving!
  5. Increase your water intake. It’s a must!
  6. Log your daily progress on your blog every day to get that feeling of accountability. Give your readers some steady progress to marvel at. Don’t forget to brag about the times you were tempted to give in to something delicious but fattening and made a healthier choice.
  7. At the end of the week, take out that forgotten scale and check your weight. Don’t forget to log it on your blog for all your friends to see 🙂

If you want to take up this meme, you are welcome to hop aboard. Drop in your link and we can be weight loss buddies over the Internet for this 1 week. I chose 1 week because I am going on a vacation in exactly 1 week and that’s all I can manage at the time. Ideally, an adequate time for this challenge will be 2 weeks.

Here’s to a healthy week and a new you!

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