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The Lullaby Voice

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largeOne of the many wonderful memories I have with me is that of my mother's voice. How amazing is a mother's voice to her child! When the child is a baby, he sleeps to her lullaby. When he grows up into a small kid, he knows it's the most important voice he hears. When he grows up into a teenager, he knows its the same voice that is now constantly nagging him; but how little does he know it's perhaps the one voice that will never speak of his harm in any way.

Somewhere between all this time, we start taking that lullaby voice for granted.

I do not know what point my post is supposed to make other than this: Mama, yours is the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. It is the morning of my life; it is the voice I woke up to all those years, and it is still the voice I wake up to each day. I love it and if I were to go on a planet devoid of any sounds, I’ll take your voice with me on a sound recorder. I’ll play it over and over and over and still I’ll play some more. I will listen to it, sing with it, ponder over it, listen closely, listen casually, listen literally. It will be the song of my life and I’ll dance and jump to it. It will make me smile when I want to cry. It will soothe me when I want to be angry.

Mama, yours is the most loving voice I ever heard. Yours was the voice I heard when I came into your world. Yours is the lullaby voice which my heart will always sing to.

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1 Comment on The Lullaby Voice

  1. Neelofar Asghar // June 9, 2014 at 6:24 pm // Reply

    I love you from the core of my heart my dearest Mehreen!

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