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Believing is liberating.

Believe. You can go on and on in circles worrying over where life will take you. You will exhaust yourself by thinking and over thinking and yet, the purpose of it all will elude you if yo don't believe. Believe in the better. Believe for the better. Believe that each day you have the privilege to see will have something amazing to offer you; if it is something bad, then it's a lesson, and if it is something good, then it is an opportunity to rejoice.

How many times we lose hope and resort to see a contorted, twisted view of life. Why do we fail to realize that this life is a trial for each and every one of us? And yet, we will often find ourselves saying “Why us?” We have to believe in the justice of this life to eliminate this “Why us?” phrase from our lives.

Believe. Because without belief we are not going anywhere. Really, we aren’t. How can a person achieve the clarity and wisdom to find positivity when his eyes are hazed out with negativity and hopelessness? Sometimes it gets hard to see the positive side of things and despite how much you try, you just cannot bring yourself to look in that direction. Know that patience and gratitude is an acquired art; and while you practice that, ‘believing’ offers a helping hand.

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