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Gone Girl – Book Review

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Enter the mind of a psychotic woman who craves perfection in everything. And now, enter the very carefree husband. That’s recipe for a delicious disaster.

Nick Dunne means Amy Elliot and thinks he falls in love with her in the spur of the moment. She is a happy girl to be around with, but more importantly, she is a ‘Cool Girl’; the kind of girl every average guy dreams for. She is beautiful, she is funny and she is filthy rich! As for himself, Nick finally sees his the man he can be when she is with him. And so, very predictably, he marries her.

Things are perfect for some time until we throw in some punches. Add a recession to this marriage, then add two jobless people and a very sick parent on the verge of death. Nick decides to wind up from NY and move back to his hometown, without realizing the very much NY girl his own wife is. Things get worse when Amy feels herself fading into the background as Nick reverts to his old carefree habits and basically ignores her. Then one day Amy discovers Nick has been cheating on her, and then she decides to teach him a lesson.

What follows is the perfect punishment for a deceitful husband at the hands of a wife who always likes to play god and pass judgements. As the police closes in on the investigation, they find odd things about Nick and Amy’s marriage. Read this book to get into the mind of a super genius, evil witch of a wife and the way she teaches her careless, laid-back husband a lesson for his infidelity. At the end of the book, you decide, who was innocent and who was the one really at fault.

A compelling read to say the very least. If you are looking for a crime thriller book from a fresh angle, this is the book for you.

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3 Comments on Gone Girl – Book Review

  1. I watched the film first and felt like I had to read the book, after finishing both I walked around in a sort of daze not knowing what was true. Imagine there are people like this in the world! I love connecting with people on here, so please give me a follow back, thanks x

    • I loved how intense the movie is and as for the book,I loved peeking into the minds of these people who are so complicated and struggling with their own “complicated-ness”. Thanks for the follow. Will be following you back!

      • I agree, the eerie music added to that intensity and the fact I went to watch it around 1am in the cinema. The book does do that well, even though you want to argue with some of the decisions the characters make, you can’t because the author has characterised them so well.

        Thanks for the follow x

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