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So this is life. This crazy, this unpredictable, strange but beautiful thing we call life. This thing people accuse so much of, life is cruel, to state one.
You know what? This is the best gift God gave you because He wanted you to see His Beauty. Do you see that cute bird chirping outside your window? Do you see how soothing this stillness of dawn is? And look at the grand way the sun is making its entry. Smile and welcome the day. You work, you laugh, you cry, all in a day’s work.
This life is beautiful. It’s truly amazing.
Even if you feel sad, be thankful to God for giving you a heart that feels. You’re better than many who don’t. Though it really isn’t much, but take that as a small chunk of something that might make you feel better.
Hey! Don’t forget to *smile*
It looks so good on you 🙂
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